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Anterior Composite Resin Masterclass.

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Course Content.

Dr Jihyon Kim
A Biomimetic, Minimally-Invasive Approach to Single Central Incisor Class IV Restorations

The single central class IV restoration is undoubtedly one of the most challenging situations that we can face in Dentistry. Dr Joan Gubau Mach discusses his protocols for planning and executing such cases in a predictable manner. He details the importance of a biomimetic, minimally-invasive approach and gives an invaluable insight into his layering techniques which help him to achieve the incredible, natural results for which he is world-renowned.

Aims & Objectives:
1)  Identify which cases are suitable for a non-preparation approach, and when to use a rounded bevel.
2) Understand Biomimetics in order to emulate both the optical and mechanical properties of the natural tooth.
3) The importance of photography and the manipulation of photographs to allow detailed planning of cases; structural mapping; and techniques to minimise the chance of failure during shade selection.
4) Understand opacity and translucency in relation to material selection, and a walkthrough of the layering techniques which Dr Joan Gubau Mach uses to mimic nature.

Dr Jihyon Kim
Anterior Aesthetic Solutions with Single-Shade Injection Overmolded Restorations

Dr Kim discusses anterior aesthetic dilemmas such as the midline diastema, undersized lateral incisor, and class IV restorations which are encountered in every general practice. One does not have to be a “cosmetic” dentist to treat these with confidence. Dr Kim discusses the types of cases that can be successfully treated with minimal planning, a basic composite colour palette, and simple polishing steps. These basic concepts can help every clinician elevate their composite skills.

Aims & Objectives:
1) Case selection for injection overmolded restorations.
2) Understand predictable shade selection for single shade restorations, in relation to the concept of non-layered polychromaticity.
3) An overview of a predictable and simple discing, shaping and polishing protocol.
4) Matrix and contact management for space closure; undersized lateral incisors; and diastema cases.

Dr Jihyon Kim
The Reconstruction of Anterior Teeth in a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr Martin von Sontagh discusses the full mouth considerations in relation to anterior aesthetic cases. Being able to produce beautiful layered composite restorations is only one part of the puzzle – a detailed understanding of occlusion and function is necessary to protect and ensure the longevity of such restorations. By learning from Dr Martin von Sontagh, you will gain an insight into the protocols and philosophies which allow him to carry out minimally-invasive full mouth rehabilitations using composite resins.

Aims & Objectives:
1) Gain an insight into a minimally-invasive approach to full mouth rehabilitations.
2) Understand the importance of a full patient assessment prior to aesthetic cases, and learn about the occlusal and functional considerations required to protect anterior restorations.
3) Understand when and how to increase VDO using composite resins, with a review of the scientific evidence.
4) An overview of Dr Martin von Sontagh’s planning, protocols and philosophies in relation to full mouth rehabilitations.

Dr Jihyon Kim
Black Triangle and Diastema Closure; Composite Layering Techniques; and Predictable Shade Matching

Gain a clinical insight into Dr Tariq Bashir’s intricate composite layering techniques. You will first learn about shade and colour and understand how to predictably shade match in the anterior region. Dr Bashir then discusses his approach to several challenging clinical situations, such as black triangle and diastema closure; and class IV restorations. He discusses his thought-processes and clinical techniques step-by-step, and gives many clinical tips which you will be able to implement immediately in your practice.

Aims & Objectives:
1) Understand shade and colour and gain an insight into methods of shade matching.
2) A clinical insight into the layering techniques possible using composite resins.
3) Management of a single central class IV restoration involving ICON Resin Infiltration and composite layering.
4) Learn how to close black triangles and diastema under rubber dam isolation, while managing retraction of the papilla.

Dr Jihyon Kim
The Foundations of Adhesive Dentistry – A Restorative Dentistry Update

Adhesive Dentistry now underpins everything we do in Restorative Dentistry. Which generation of bonding agent is most effective? Should we etch dentin? Is there a gold standard bonding agent? Dr Seibert provides an update on the latest advances and innovations in Restorative Dentistry, also discussing key topics such as Immediate Dentin Sealing, bonding to Zirconia, Resin Infiltration and Silver Diamine Fluoride. Thanks to this presentation from Dr Melissa Seibert, you can stay on the cutting edge of Evidence-based Dentistry.

Aims & Objectives:
1) An overview of the different generations of bonding agents with an emphasis on their clinical uses and an update on the gold-standard techniques.
2) Understand the different types of etching techniques and how these relate to the bonding agents used in order to achieve predictable results.
3) Gain an insight into the concept of Immediate Dentin Sealing and understand how to carry out the procedure.
4) Obtain a Restorative Dentistry update on the topics of bonding to Zirconia, Resin Infiltration, and Silver Diamine Fluoride.