About Dr Martin von Sontagh

Dr Martin von Sontagh

Dr Martin von Sontagh received his PhD from the University of Innsbruck in 2008. Immediately afterwards, he took on an assistant position at a private dental institute for two years. During this time he deepened his knowledge and specialised in the fields of composite rehabilitations, endodontics, and periodontology.

Between 2011 and 2013 he worked in a group practice, which he has been running alone since 2013. His main areas of interest include highly aesthetic composite restorations in the posterior and anterior region, full-mouth rehabilitations, microscopic endodontics, and periodontology. Dr von Sontagh is an international speaker and lists various publications.

The Reconstruction of Anterior Teeth in a Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Online Course – Access Now!

Annual All-Access Members can gain access to Dr Martin von Sontagh’s exclusive lecture which featured in the Anterior Composite Resin Masterclass on The Hybrid Layer in 2023. In his presentation, Dr von Sontagh gives an invaluable insight into his minimally-invasive approach to creating beautiful, functional full mouth rehabilitations.

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