About Dr Joan Gubau Mach

Dr Joan Gubau Mach graduated in 2006 from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya as Bachelor of Dentistry. Since then, he has received extensive training in direct anterior composite resin restorations from masters such as Newton Fahl, Didier Dietschi, Ronaldo Hirata and Noboru Takahashi. Dr Joan Gubau Mach has limited his clinical practice almost exclusively to direct anterior composite restorations and is currently practising as a specialist in minimally invasive aesthetic and restorative dentistry in Barcelona. He has published articles in national and international magazines, and collaborated with Rafael Calixto and Jorge Eustaquio in the anterior composite book “Direct”. Dr Joan Gubau Mach is an international lecturer and is currently directing his own 3 day hands-on course in Barcelona. He is an expert in the field of anterior composite restorations, and is renowned for his minimally invasive, biomimetic approach.

A Biomimetic, Minimally-Invasive Approach to Single Central Incisor Class IV Restorations – Online Course – Access Now!

Dr Joan Gubau Mach has kindly allowed Annual All-Access Members to access his exclusive lecture which featured in the Anterior Composite Resin Masterclass on The Hybrid Layer in early 2023. In his online lecture, Dr Joan Gubau Mach discusses one of the most challenging situations that we can face in Dentistry – the Class IV restoration of a single central incisor.

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