About Dr Tariq Bashir

Dr Tariq Bashir

Dr Tariq Bashir graduated from University of Glasgow Dental School in 2005 and held SHO positions in hospitals throughout Scotland before settling at the Visage Cosmetic Dental Clinic, Glasgow.

He has been practising there since 2008 and his main interests lie in minimally invasive and biomimetic dentistry, toothwear and endodontics. He has travelled extensively and learnt from renowned clinicians including Newton Fahl, Pascal Magne, Didier Dietschi and John Kois. In 2018 he became the first graduate from Scotland at the prestigious Kois Center in Seattle. He completed the intensive 9 step treatment planning, occlusion and restorative focused Kois curriculum. 

He has also been awarded an MSc in endodontology from the University of Chester. In the past he has held a visiting GDP role in the Restorative Dentistry Department of Glasgow Dental School. He is the BACD representative for Scotland and sits on the BACD Education Committee.

In 2018 he co-founded the popular Scottish Dental Study Club with his wife Dr Saimah Ahmed. The aim of the club has been to promote clinical excellence for all clinicians and help deliver the highest standards of care for their patients. The club has brought top names in dentistry from around the world and they have many more eminent speakers planned to visit Scotland in the coming year.  Tariq is also involved in postgraduate teaching through his own popular composite training courses. He is now working on further advanced restorative and cosmetic dental courses for 2023.  Tariq features regularly in the dental media and was invited by BBC Radio Scotland to host the first “Ask the Dentist” programme and has since featured regularly.

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