About Dr Jihyon Kim

Dr Jihyon Kim

Dr Jihyon Kim is a 1999 graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. With a passion for concepts of occlusion and adhesive dentistry, she has pursued advanced training through Dawson Academy, Kois Center, Spear Education, and the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership. Today, she practices clinical dentistry full-time while teaching hands-on courses in biomimetic dentistry. She has published multiple articles on direct composite dentistry and lectured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Dr Kim’s practice has an emphasis on esthetic smile rejuvenation via advanced adhesive and biomimetic dentistry. As Director of the Institute of Injection Overmolding in Seattle, Washington, Dr Kim’s focus is on delivering an advanced, intuitive, and intimate hands-on learning experience to clinicians seeking excellence in restorative dentistry. She can be reached via email at drkim@jihyonkimdds.com or on Instagram using the link below.

Anterior Composite Resin Masterclass

Dr Jihyon Kim was a guest speaker in The Hybrid Layer’s Anterior Composite Resin Masterclass, which was available to access online and on-demand from 6th January 2023 until 31st March 2023.

In her lecture, Dr Kim discusses anterior aesthetic dilemmas such as the midline diastema, undersized lateral incisor, and class IV restorations which are encountered in every general practice. One does not have to be a “cosmetic” dentist to treat these with confidence. Dr Kim discusses the types of cases that can be successfully treated with minimal planning, a basic composite colour palette, and simple polishing steps. These basic concepts can help every clinician elevate their composite skills.

Aims & Objectives:
1) Case selection for injection overmolded restorations.
2) Understand predictable shade selection for single shade restorations, in relation to the concept of non-layered polychromaticity.
3) An overview of a predictable and simple discing, shaping and polishing protocol.
4) Matrix and contact management for space closure; undersized lateral incisors; and diastema cases.

You can view the full lineup using the link below.