Summary – What is Resin Coating (RC)?

Resin Coating (RC) is the technique by which 0.5 mm of microfilled, flowable composite is placed over the Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS) layer. An example of an appropriate material to use for RC is Clearfil Majesty Flow by Kuraray. RC:

  • Allows more time for the dentin bond to develop and for the hybrid layer to mature and therefore contributes to the concept of Decoupling With Time (DWT)
  • Reduces the thickness of the Oxygen-Inhibited Layer
  • Forms part of the Biobase
  • Prevents transudation (movement of pulpal fluid) through the IDS layer.
Fig 1. Clinical photographs showing formation of the Biobase with Resin Coating visible in photograph 2. From left to right: (1) PSZ and CRE established. (2) Immediate Dentin Sealing with Clearfil SE Protect and Resin Coating with Majesty Flow. (3) Ribbond placed withinn a layer of AP-X Posterior composite.
Photo Credit: Dr Haider Waleed

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To learn more about Resin Coating in relation to Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS), the Oyxgen-Inhibited Layer (OIL) and Decoupling With Time DWT), see Lesson 3 of the Six Lessons Approach to Biomimetic Dentistry below.