Summary – What are Caries Removal Endpoints (CRE)?

Caries Removal Endpoints (CRE) are used in order to avoid pulp exposure during caries removal. Complete caries removal is carried out in the Peripheral Seal Zone (PSZ), followed by partial caries removal over the pulp using the measurements below. Even if Caries Detector Dye is staining in these areas, caries removal is halted.

Caries Removal Endpoints can be measured using a periodontal probe angled along the long axis of the tooth:
Horizontally – 3 mm measured interproximally from the adjacent tooth’s marginal ridge.
Vertically – 5 mm measured occlusally from the cavo-margin.

Photo illustrating Caries Removal Endpoints
Fig 1. Demonstration of the measurement of Caries Removal Endpoints (CRE).
Photo Credit: Dr Andres Celi

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To learn more about Caries Removal Endpoints in relation to the Peripheral Seal Zone (PSZ) and use of Caries Detector Dye (CDD), see Lesson 1 of the Six Lessons Approach to Biomimetic Dentistry below.