Summary – What is Occlusal Effect Caries (OEC)?

Occlusal Effect Caries (OEC) forms as a result of biofilm formation inside cracks. These cracks are commonly a result of Peripheral Rim Fractures (PRF), which can form due to structural compromise. Bacteria enters through the crack which is located on the occlusal aspect of the tooth, causing caries.

`Fig 1. Structurally compromised tooth with a mesial PRF.
Photo credit: Dr Ashley Chung
Fig 2. Clinical example of Occlusal Effect Caries.
Photo credit: Dr Ashley Chung
Fig 3. OEC starting at the DEJ.
Photo credit: Dr Ashley Chung

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To learn more about Occlusal Effect Caries and how this occurs as a result of structural compromises, see Lesson 2 of the Six Lessons Approach to Biomimetic Dentistry below.