About Dr Pedro Henrique Corrêa

Dr Pedro Henrique Correa Photo

Dr Pedro Henrique Corrêa graduated from Oswaldo Aranha University (UNIFOA) Volta Redonda – RJ Brazil. In his first year of graduation, he participated in daily mentoring at Dr Mairon Fernandes’ clinic, delving deeper into the study of Restorative Dentistry with an emphasis on Biomimetics. He then joined Professor Leandro Martins’ platform, where he completed the Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry course. The following year, he was invited to join the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (SBOE), where he studied the latest advances in aesthetic dentistry. After two years of daily mentoring, he became a teacher/partner of Dr Mairon Fernandes on the course SAVE, focusing on the posterior sector. Today he teaches classes throughout Brazil with his Minimalist Posterior Technique. Dr Pedro continues his tireless quest to improve his skills and knowledge, providing his students with a replicable technique.

Semi-Indirect Restorations – The Posterior Minimalist Technique – Online Course – Access Now!

Dr Pedro Henrique Correa is world-renowned for his unique approach to hand-crafting his own indirect restorations using composite resin. This is a technique he teaches in his home country of Brazil. Members of The Hybrid Layer now have the unique chance to learn this technique from Dr Pedro. His lecture features stunning, professionally recorded 4K hands-on video footage.

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