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Dr Pedro Henrique Correa Photo

Dr Pedro Henrique Corrêa

Semi-Indirect Restorations: The Minimalist Posterior Technique.

1.5 hours CPD/CE.

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Dr Pedro Henrique Correa Photo

Semi-Indirect Restorations: The Minimalist Posterior Technique.

presented by:
Dr Pedro Henrique Corrêa

Dr Pedro Henrique Corrêa shares his meticulously refined technique for crafting beautiful handmade indirect resin restorations. In this comprehensive presentation, Dr Corrêa guides us through his unique protocol, which he perfected and teaches in his home country of Brazil. You will learn how to create a precise silicone model of your prepared tooth structure (Biobase), assemble it in a mini-articulator, and handcraft an indirect or semi-indirect resin restoration. Dr Corrêa also covers the detailed finishing and polishing protocols to prepare the restoration for cementation. This innovative technique allows you to carefully craft composite resin restorations outside of the patient’s mouth – allowing considerable flexibility for the dentist and the patient.

Dr Corrêa has recorded this lecture in his native Brazilian Portuguese. We have created English and Portuguese subtitles, which have been manually reviewed word-by-word to ensure maximum accuracy.

Aims & Objectives:

1) Understand the advantages of the semi-indirect composite resin technique, both to the patient and the operator.
2) Learn how to create an accurate mould/impression, bite registration, pour a model, and mount this on a mini-articulator ready for restoration fabrication.
3) Learn how to craft beautiful indirect restorations using composite resin, step-by-step, using the protocols that Dr Corrêa follows on a daily basis.
4) Understand how to polymerise the restoration, followed by a guide on Dr Corrêa’s finishing and polishing protocols.
5) Learn how to cement/bond your resin restoration to the pre-prepared Biobase.

Lecture Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes (43 minutes of theory followed by 52 minutes of comprehensive hands-on video footage filmed in 4K video quality)

Audio Language: Portuguese (Brazil).
Subtitles: English, Portuguese.
To alternate between subtitle languages, or to turn off subtitles, click the “CC” button on the bottom right of the video player.


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  • 1.5 Hours of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development awarded with a personalised certificate.

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