Continuous Professional Development

It is possible for Dentists from the United Kingdom, registered with the GDC (General Dental Council), to earn verifiable CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours by completing specific activities on this website. We ensure that, where CPD is available on our website, we follow the guidance issued by the GDC in relation to the Enhanced CPD scheme. Our CPD certificates for verifiable CPD contain the details required by the GDC to demonstrate that the activity is verifiable. The following details are included, as per the GDC website:

  • The CPD subject, learning content, aims, and objectives.
  • The anticipated GDC development outcome(s) of the CPD.
  • The date that the CPD was undertaken.
  • The total number of hours CPD undertaken.
  • The name of the practitioner who participated in the CPD activity.
  • Confirmation that the CPD provided has been quality assured, including the name of the person or body responsible for completing quality assurance.
  • Confirmation that the information is complete and accurate.
  • The participant’s registration number.

For Dentists based in countries outside of the United Kingdom, you may be able to apply for accreditation with your regulatory body using the certificate provided, or in some cases may be able to use the certificate as proof of Continuous Professional Development/Continuing Education, but we cannot guarantee this and cannot give advice on specific regulatory bodies. We ask that you seek further guidance from your own regulatory body. When asked for your “Dental Regulatory Body” number, please enter the number/ID that is associated with your local regulatory body registration, if applicable. You are not required to enter this information if this is not required by your regulatory body – this is an optional field. If you require further assistance or advice, please send us an email:

Quality Assurance

At The Hybrid Layer Ltd, our Quality Assurance is in line with the “Enhanced CPD guidance for providers” document published by the General Dental Council. We recognise that effective Quality Assurance is vital in order for our CPD to be considered as verifiable. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the content available on our website is of the highest quality possible and is as accurate as possible.

We aim to ensure that effective Quality Assurance is in place before, during, and after each CPD activity. Below you can find examples of Quality Assurance measures that we have in place.

Quality assurance measures taken before CPD activities:

  • CPD needs assessment – our CPD is targeted at core areas of dental education.
  • Peer reviewed content – all of the content on the website is peer reviewed by leading experts in the relevant dental fields. Such experts also contribute information and content which is directly related to the CPD delivered. CPD content also has prominent contact fields where suggestions and/or corrections are encouraged.
  • Evidence-based content – relevant references are provided on each page of content and these are updated regularly.
  • Policies and procedures to avoid commercial bias – third-parties are not permitted to pay for product placement or to deliver a certain type of CPD activity, unless it can be very clearly demonstrated and proven that this has no effect on the type or quality of CPD provided. If this is the case, this will be clearly stated.
  • Appropriate recruitment and selection of those delivering CPD – leading experts in the relevant fields are selected by being closely involved in the relevant dental communities.
  • Integration of pre-existing feedback – contact forms are located in several locations and feedback is always encouraged and acted upon.
  • Transparency of verifiable criteria – available in the “Continuous Professional Development” section above and recorded on all certificates.

Quality Assurance measures taken during CPD activies:

  • Robust methods to confirm attendance and active participation – for online CPD, attendance is verified by confirmation of the activities undertaken, and by assessing the participants knowledge using in-depth quizzes which are reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Methods to monitor and evaluate content delivery – feedback is continually welcomed and encouraged throughout CPD activities.
  • Using trainers with expertise on the subject – as stated in the previous section, recruitment of leading experts in the relevant dental fields is the primary aim.
  • Content that demonstrates a clear relationship with anticipated development outcomes throughout delivery – development outcomes are clearly stated prior to enrolling in the CPD activity, and also stated during and after on the relevant CPD certificates.
  • Opportunities for active participation and/or discussion during the activity – live events provide opportunities for questions and discussion in real-time – pre-recorded or pre-developed activities encourage participation/discussion via alternative methods e.g. interactive quizzes and/or further discussions via other platforms where appropriate.
  • Opportunities for participant reflection during or immediately after the activity – participants are encouraged to reflect on their learning and The Hybrid Layer also can help to facilitate this were appropriate.
  • Assessment of learning – participants must successfully complete a quiz with questions of varying levels of difficulty. Quiz questions include, but are not limited to, multiple choice questions and written answer questions.
  • Accurate measurement of duration of actual CPD activity – where CPD is based on information or content available on the website – duration is measured based on likely time to read and understand the relevant content (both written and photographic). For video and live content, duration is measured based on content length – not including breaks.

Quality Assurance measures taken after CPD activities:

  • A reflective element for participants to link to their personal development plan and activity log – reflection is encouraged and development outcomes are clearly stated to make it more straightforward for participants to link to the personal development plan and activity log.
  • Participant evaluation and feedback methods that are used to improve the activity – evaluation and feedback is always, at least, requested via email.
  • An assessment of participant learning and participation – successful completion of a post-activity quiz is required to receive the verifiable CPD certificate – further support is offered if this is required in order to meet the development outcomes prior to the awarding of the certificate.
  • Post-delivery evaluation – feedback is sought via email throughout and after the CPD activity.
  • A complaints procedure – all complaints regarding CPD activity or the content available on the website are to be directed to

If you would like further information regarding the Quality Assurance measures taken, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to