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The Basics of Biomimetic Dentistry.
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The Basics of Biomimetic Dentistry.


Our core Biomimetic content is FREE to access on The Hybrid Layer. Accessing this course allows you to answer a series of quiz questions regarding our free-to-access Biomimetic Dentistry content. By successfully completing the quiz, you will receive a verifiable certificate for 4 hours CPD/CE. No new content is unlocked with this course.

Our verifiable quiz is based on all of the Biomimetic Dentistry content on the following pages:

Aims & Objectives:
1) Gain an insight into Biomimetic methods of caries removal, including an introduction to Caries Removal Endpoints.
2) An introduction to the Peripheral Seal Zone concept, and the use of Caries Detector Dye.
3) Learn methods of assessing a tooth for structural compromises.
4) Learn about Crack Removal Endpoints, Peripheral Rim Fractures, and Occlusal Effect Caries.
5) Learn about Immediate Dentin Sealing and Resin Coating, and how these can help increase bond strengths to dentin.
6) An introduction to the concept of Decoupling With Time.
7) Learn how to manage the Oxygen-Inhibited Layer when constructing a Biobase.
8) Gain an insight into the consideration and management of C-Factor.
9) An introduction to the Deep Margin Elevation technique.
10) Learn when to consider beveling enamel and how to measure cusp thickness for occlusal reduction.
11) Gain an insight into the importance of BioRim preservation and the Compression Dome concept.
12) An introduction to bonding protocols for indirect Biomimetic restorations.
13) Learn how to carry out occlusal adjustment using the 3 Paper Technique.

The verifiable nature of our CPD is in line with the Enhanced CPD Scheme of the GDC (General Dental Council) in the United Kingdom. Please read our CPD Information and Quality Assurance page for more information. Here you will also find information regarding other regulatory bodies. As The Hybrid Layer is an international website, we are happy to assist with providing any further documentation required by your local regulatory body.

How to Earn Verifiable CPD/CE

Purchase access to this standalone course, or alternatively you can access this course by purchasing our Annual All-Access Membership, which also allows you to access ALL of our on-demand webinar presentations from international speakers in the field of Biomimetic Dentistry. After you have successfully completed the quiz using the link at the bottom of this page, your CPD/CE certificate will be available to download.

Your certificate will include your first and last name, regulatory body ID e.g. GDC number in the UK (this is optional), date of completion, course title, number of CPD hours, confirmation of Quality Assurance/accuracy, and the relevant aims/objectives achieved. If you require further information for accreditation with your regulatory body, or any further assistance, please send us an email: