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Dr Stewart Beggs


ABB: Align, Bleach, Biomimetics.

1.5 hours CPD/CE.


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Dr Stewart Beggs

ABB: Align, Bleach, Biomimetics.

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Dr Stewart Beggs is renowned for his excellence in the fields of Aesthetic and Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry. In his exclusive lecture for The Hybrid Layer, Dr Beggs gives us an insight into his minimally-invasive anterior aesthetic workflow. You will learn about the fundamentals of Dr Beggs’ approach to all aesthetic cases, with the foundations revolving around a strong initial consultation. Patient communication and education are at the forefront of his approach, with his meticulous attention to detail ensuring that he is able to provide predictable, long-lasting and beautiful restorations. Whether you are new to aesthetic dentistry, or an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr Stewart Beggs will help you to achieve functional, mechanical, and aesthetic success using biomimetic protocols.

Aims & Objectives:

1) Learn about the importance of the initial patient consultation, including orthodontic/occlusal analysis, photography, intraoral scanning, and treatment planning.
2) Gain an understanding of the key factors to consider and discuss with patients throughout the treatment planning process in relation to minimally-invasive aesthetic cases.
3) Learn about Dr Stewart Beggs’ layering process in relation to direct composite restorations, and understand the five dimensions of colour.
4) Gain an insight into the methods by which Dr Beggs achieves beautiful biomimetic results in the anterior region, both with direct and indirect restorations, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Lecture Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes.
Language: English.


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  • 1.5 Hours of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development awarded with a personalised certificate.

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