About Katrina Klein

Dr Stewart Beggs

Katrina Klein is a full time practicing Registered Dental Hygienist of 17 years, with 27 years experience in the dental field. She began her ergonomics journey during her time working for Delta Dental, where she received ergonomic training. During dental hygiene school, ergonomics continued to be a subject she was passionate about while pursuing competitive bodybuilding. She knows first-hand the struggle of working in a stationary inflexible environment. Katrina made use of her biomechanical training to then become a Certified Personal Trainer and was inspired to help dental professionals with body pain.

Katrina earned her status as Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist in 2017 and began helping dental clinicians with her unique understanding of biomechanics and clinical dentistry with one-on-one assessments in her company ErgoFitLife. She is a national speaker, author of several publications and hosts a social media page where she posts daily tips about all things ergonomics and posture enhancement fitness for dental clinicians. 

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