About Dr Patricio Gutierrez Pino

Dr Patricio Gutierrez Pino

Dr Patricio Gutierrez Pino graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Pedro de Valdivia University in Santiago, Chile. With a career spanning the private sector, he has worked in various private clinics across Santiago, focusing on restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Gutierrez furthered his expertise by completing the Aesthetics Diploma in Oral Adhesive Rehabilitation at the University of Los Andes in 2016. His passion for education led him to teaching roles at universities and institutes, where he contributed to numerous publications and clinical cases. He earned a Master’s degree in Higher Education from Andres Bello University and pursued a diploma in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry at the University of Diego Portales, where he now serves as a faculty member. Currently enrolled in the Alleman Center Biomimetic Mastership program, Dr Gutierrez remains dedicated to advancing his skills and knowledge in dentistry.

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