Caries Detector Dye (CDD) stains denatured collagen and therefore allows an objective method of achieving Caries Removal Endpoints (CRE).

  • Consists of 1% Acid Red solution in a propylene glycol solvent
  • Stains the loosened collagen fibers of outer carious dentin red, and inner carious dentin pink
  • Allows creation of a Peripheral Seal Zone (PSZ) and Caries Removal Endpoints (CRE) which therefore helps to preserve pulp vitality
  • Demonstrates the Hierarchy of Bondability (HOB)
Fig 1. Caries Detector Dye – Kuraray Noritake, Japan.

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To learn more about Caries Detector Dye, visit the link below. Here you will learn about the method of action; clinical examples; how to use CDD; and the relevance of CDD in relation to the PSZ and CRE concepts.